Morning Musume to have a 13th Generation?

I woke up, had an okay breakfast, got into my laptop to do some work, Morning Musume's announced 13th generation audition, decorated my planner... Wait, Morning Musume's announced 13th generation auditions?!

I'm not sure how many of you have heard yet but Morning Musume has announced that they would be holding auditions for their 13th generation. Wow, that was fast. It's only two days into the New Year and they announced they would be holding auditions. You know, they could've waited at least another week to announce this because Riho graduated two days ago and now they're already making preparations to add new members. Hey Up-Front Project, slow down a little. There was already a lot of line-up changes last year.

Personally, I am not too happy about the upcoming auditions. The group is already at a solid 12 members. The line-up is pretty good. Sure, Riho probably had the largest fan base. However, we shouldn't forget about the other members such as Sakura or Mizuki or Haruka or even Zukki. All them together combined could make up for Riho's departure, in my opinion. I just don't want to see so many members in one group. Oh wells. /sigh;

At this point, I don't really care anymore. Morning Musume is a group with constantly graduations and auditions. If they were to add new members of the group, I really hope they only add one person. First, we need another single member generation. Sakura needs somebody, okay? Also, I don't think I can handle seeing 16 people in one group. I feel like that's too much for me. I can handle seeing a group with more than 12~13 members. Too many people.. /whacked; Another wish for the new generation is that the agency adds someone who can actually sing. The group is filled with great dancers, that's a fact. But we need more people who could sing really well.

The line-up is fine as it is, in my opinion. If the agency is only holding auditions just to look for a new center to replace Riho, they can just pick one from the current line-up now (preferably not from the 12th generation). This is me being biased here, but Haruka is more than capable to become the next center. Oh my wish! was a big success last year and she gained a lot of attention.

Well, that's my opinion about the upcoming generation. I just wanted to write briefly about the subject before resuming work. What are your opinions about the upcoming auditions? Who do you want to be the next center of Morning Musume? Comment what you think down below! Well, I have to get back to work. Until my next post, jyaa ne~

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